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Welcome to Synthlearn


Synthlearn.com - in its infancy right now, will grow to become an important resource for learning about synthesizers. Synthlearn "synth pages" will all feature the same layout and are intended provide all the important information, essential links, photos and special user tips - in a format that's easy to navigate and fast to use.

One important feature that synthlearn.com will include will be that of "special" tips and tricks - the kind of stuff that you don't find in the manuals or other resources. Many synths feature incredible features that might not even be discovered by their users - or can be used in conjunction with other equipment in incredible ways.

Another area that synthlearn.com will concentrate on is that of links to downloadable collections of sounds - both free and for sale.

We will also have a section devoted to general synth tutorials, setting up and using an electronic music studio, synthesizer programming and getting the best from your machines.


modular synthesizer

It is our hope that synthlearn.com will become your "one stop shop" for all things synth.

If you are a manufacturer or user of synths and would like to contribute to this site - please contact:

synth, synthesizer, synth learn, synth music, synthesizer programming

We've done our best to make all the info on this site useful and accurate - but we are not fully machine yet and so still prone to the odd error. We welcome any corrections or suggestions for the improvement of this site.

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