More synths:

Roland SH-101

Yamaha DX7

Yamaha FS1R

Doepfer Modular

Access Virus

Alesis Andromeda

Korg Electribe

Waldorf Blofeld

Kurzweil K2000 series

Roland V-Synth

Korg MS2000

Moog Rogue

List of Modular Synthesizers

(List sorted by manufacturer - pages coming soon)

Analog Solutions ( manufacturer link )
Analog Systems ( manufacturer link )
Aries Modular ( tribute site )
ARP ( synthmuseum page link | ARPtech page )
Blacet Research (manufacturer link)
Buchla & Associates (manufacturer link)
CatGirl Synth (Ken Stone) (homepage)
Cirocco Modular Synthesizers (CMS) (manufacturer link)
Club Of The Knobs ( manufacturer link )
Curetronic ( matrixsynth page )
Cwejman ( manufacturer link )
Cyndustries (manufacturer link)
Doepfer Musikelectronik (manufacturer link)
Electronic Peasant Synthcase (manufacturer link)
EML ( Vintagesynth link )
EMS ( Manufacturer site (old) | Info Site )
EMU Modular ( Vintage Synth Explorer page )
Klee Sequencer (homepage)
Korg (Vintagesynth link)
Livewire ( manufacturer link )
Macbeth Studio Systems ( manufacturer link )
Mattson Mini Modular ( manufacturer link )
MFB (manufacturer link)
MFOS (Music From Outer Space) ( (manufacturer link)
Modcan (manufacturer link)
Moog (synthmuseum page link)
Moon (manufacturer link)
MOTM / Synthesis Technology (manufacturer link)
Oakley Sound Systems (manufacturer link)
Orgon ( Sound On Sound Article)
PAiA ( manufacturer link )
Polyfusion( Synthmuseum page )
PPG (great page on
Roland 100M
Roland 700M
Serge Modular ( uniquely housed... )
SMS (Salamander Music Systems) Modular ( manufacturer link )
Technosaurus ( manufacturer link )
Tiptop Audio ( manufacturer link )
Wavemakers Modular ( Tribute site )
Wiard Synthesizer Company ( manufacturer link )

Synth module comparison chart - coming soon!

Other links of interest:

Sound On Sound - "The Mighty Modular"
Arietta Music old synth manuals page
Synthfool's Docs
Analoguehaven - synthesizer specialist based in the USA.
Schneiders Buero
Synthesizer Database
EMIS Synthesizer Museum - synth museum based in the UK.

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