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Access Virus

Access Virus C
Access Virus C
image - metatron1 - lic. under CC 2.0


Back in 1998, German synthesizer manufacturers Access came out with the first version of what has now become a world classic - the Access Virus synth. Featuring virtual analog synthesis, plenty of hands-on control and a wide-ranging soundset that included the classic "supersaw" waveforms, the Virus quickly became hugely popular and grew to be seen as an "industry standard" for electronic dance music production styles. The Access Virus series of synths has a huge "hall of fame" of famous users including Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Sasha and Hans Zimmer.

Ever since the first Access Virus came out in 1997, the manufacturers have continued to develop the virus range, with new updated models - and internal software upgrades: One of the great features of the Virus range is that the software upgrades have been made available as free downloads, and are compatible across the range of physical models, which are based onthe same sound engine.

The latest Virus models are serious pieces of modern synth hardware, with thousands of sounds and all the features you would expect on a modern synth, plus innovative and unique features.

Access Virus pic:

access virus ti polar
Access Virus TI Polar

List of all Access Virus Models:

Virus A(1998) - 2 oscillators, 2 LFOs, 20 bit D/A
Virus B (2000) - desktop
Virus C (2002) - desktop
Virus Indigo - 3 octave keyboard
Virus Indigo 2 - 3 octave keyboard
Virus KB - 5 oct keyboard
Virus KC - 5 oct keyboard
Virus Rack
Virus Rack XL
Virus TDM (software version to plug into Digidesign's Pro Tools) - 2 oscillators, 2 LFOs
Virus Indigo TDM (software version of the Indigo to plug into Digidesign's Pro Tools)
Virus TI (all models have same sound engine):
- Virus TI Keyboard (full size - 5 octave keyboard)
- Virus TI Polar (white, 3 octave keyboard)
- Virus TI Desktop (rack mountable, same number of control knobs as TI Keyboard)
- Virus TI Snow (6 knobs, portable desktop version)

PDF Comparison Chart of Access models (2002)

Access Virus Reviews:

Access Virus "A" (the first; desktop) (Sound On Sound preview, May 1998)
Access Virus B (desktop) and KB (keyboard) w/ OS3 (Sound On Sound, Feb 2000)
Access Virus Indigo/Virus OS4 (Sound On Sound, June 2001)
Access Virus Rack (Sound On Sound, Oct 2001)
Access Virus C (Sound On Sound, Oct 2002)
Access Virus Indigo 2 (Sound On Sound, Oct 2002)
Access Virus Indigo TDM Plug-in (Sound On Sound, Sept 2003)
Access Virus Indigo 2 Redback Limited Edition / OS6 (Sound On Sound, Nov 2003)
Access Virus TI (Sound On Sound, Dec 2005)
Access Virus TI Snow (Sound On Sound, Aug 2008)
Access Virus TI User Reviews @

Access Virus Resources and other links:

Access Official Site
Access Official Demo Songs
VST Virus editor software (Win / Mac)
Virus Facebook Page

Access Virus Tutorial:

Access Virus Masterclass from Sound On Sound (Aug 2004)

Access Virus Sounds:

TONS of free virus sounds from the official Access website
Rob Papen Virus Soundset ($27.95, 127 single sounds, 40 multies)
Synthsonix Virus sound collection

Access Virus Videos:

This one's great - Access Virus TI Snow demo (in Japanese - but awesome sounds and stylish playing / control, still worth watching even if you don't understand the language. Warning, will sell you on this synth and make want one...)

Access Virus A Synth demo.. distinct psy-trance influnces...

Over 19 mins full Virus TI review / explanation / walk-through (in Italian). Stupendo!

Official Virus TI demo from Ben Crosland @ NAMM 2007

TI Polar Sounds demo with a few adjustments

"Trance themes" played on an Access Virus Indigo show it's suitability for this music genre...

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