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Roland SH-101

Roland SH-101
Roland SH-101
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The Roland SH-101 is a timeless analog monosynth that never seems to go out of fashion. And it's not surprising - it has a killer sound that fits really well with many modern music styles. Reading through the Wikipedia list of artists who have used the SH101 is pretty much like looking at an electronic dance music who's who.

Modification / customization:

One of the interesting trends that has come about of late is that of "circuit bending" or modification of old sound machines - and the Roland SH-101, awesome as it already is, has not escaped.

Some truly interesting mod kits and circuits are out there which expand the synth's capabilities still further. Perhaps the best known of these is the uber-cool but slightly elusive "Nova Mod". This has appeared and disappeared from various web pages - but a PDF document with the full instructions can currently be found on Synthfool!

The Nova Mod is also lavishly described - with pics - on Matrixsynth.

UK site Circuitbenders is offering a very similar looking mod for £125...

Roland SH-101 Essential Accessories:

In a typical modern setup, the Roland SH-101 might be combined with a MIDI-CV interface such as the Kenton Pro-2000. This will enable the device to sync to MIDI and be controlled from a sequencer such as Cubase.

SH-101s seem to be going for around $700 on eBay and there's usually a couple on there. (Dec 2008)

Roland SH-101 Reviews:

SH101 on Sound On Sound

Roland SH-101 Resources and other links:

Roland Site
User Manual (scan on
Service Manual
Date Manufactured: 1982-1988
Roland SH-101 on Vintage Synth Explorer
Roland SH-101 on Wikipedia
Roland SH-101 on
SH-101 Facebook Group

Roland SH-101 Sounds:

There are various sample CDs floating around with 101 samples:

Tape 101 - SH-101 sample CD from Loopmasters.
ebay seller Pro Audio Loops has been selling SH101 sample CDs on eBay.
A few sounds on Hyperreal Music Machines

Roland SH-101 Videos:

Using the onboard sequencer. Sounds like reverb + maybe some other fx have been added

Nice sounds demo

SH101 as part of an analog / retro setup

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