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Waldorf Blofeld

waldorf blofeld
Waldorf Blofeld (desktop version)
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The stylish and diminutive Waldorf Blofeld, released in 2008, represents the return of the Waldorf company from closure in 2004. Staying true to the company's legacy of wavetable synthesis, the Blofeld brings the concept up to date with new ideas and introduces it to a new generation at a very affordable price.

The Blofeld features three oscillators - two of which are wavetable or analogue modelling and the third is analogue modelling only. There are planty of options for ways to modulate the sound, with three LFOs, four envelopes, an arpeggiator and a modulation matrix.

As if this wasn't enough, the Blofeld's latest software version now allows you to import your own samples and add them into the mix, processing them alongside the existing oscillators. This powerful expansion ships as standard with the Blofeld Keyboard version, and can be purchased as an extra for the desktop. (See "Essential Accessories" below for more on this.)

One of the best features of the synth is its randomize function - which creates all manner of wild, unexpected results which will please noise freaks and edgy sound designers. Many of these results are "unusable" but it's a great feature which demonstrates the unlimited sonic potential of this machine - and reminds us that every synth should have a randomize function....

Prices: Expect to pay around $550 for the desktop and $950 for the keyboard version. (Jan 2010)

Waldorf Blofeld Essential Accessories:

Waldorf Blofeld License SL Sample Upgrade.
This upgrade allows you to expand the Waldorf Blofeld (desktop) with 60 megabytes of Sample Flash, which can be used for factory or user samples. These samples act in a similar way to the oscillators, being processed by the Blofeld's synthesis engine - and can even be used as FM sources! The keyboard version is already equipped with this expansion.

- a free software tool for creating and transferring sample content from Mac or PC to Waldorf Blofeld (module or keyboard). If you are using the Blofeld module, License SL is required in order to use this function (License SL is already supplied with Blofeld Keyboard).
(Note that Spectre version 0.9 is stated not to work on PPC Macs, even though it is Universal Binary.
Here's a review of Spectre and some of its possibilities on MatrixSynth.

Waldorf Blofeld Reviews:

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Waldorf Blofeld (desktop version) review in Sound On Sound

Waldorf Blofeld Resources and other links:

Waldorf official Blofeld page
Official Tutorial and User Manual
Waldorf Blofeld on Wikipedia

Waldorf Blofeld Sounds:

Factory Soundset
"Moonraker" patches - a set of 65 new sounds ($9.99 on eBay)
Sample Libraries for the Blofeld from (archive link - sounds might not be available?)

Waldorf Blofeld Videos:

Official Waldorf Blofeld Tutorial

Gearwire Blofeld Tutorial

Getting some more edgy sounds out of the Blofeld....

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